Play Land of Kai (Alpha)

The alpha v2.0.0 of Land of Kai is available on Windows 10 and newer. You can also play it on your browser.

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Land of Kai is a 3D Open-World RPG & P2E game exclusively available for Kainet holders. You can style your character with NFT-based game assets, fight other players to earn tokens, collect NFTs and buy your very own land in the Metaverse.

The game will provide a strong story-mode with side quests to level your character up. Besides the web and desktop version, users will be able to play Land of Kai on their mobile devices on a later stage of development.




Alpha v2.0.0

We are happy to announce that our next major update is live now. With this update, we are one step closer to the open beta which will launch this year.

  • Physics Based Controller Implementation (completed)
  • New Networking much higher CCU capacity (completed)
  • Camera Controls are setup for a better experience (completed initial)
  • Desktop Builds for Windows and soon MacOS
  • Drinking Game (added)
  • Wallet Connections updated and new features (implemented)
  • World and Environment (updated/upgraded)
  • Female characters added (completed)
  • Animation rigging and other features necessary for pvp and other games (in testing)
  • NFT armor system (implemented)
  • Networked Inventory system (in testing)
  • Rewrite of entire chat/family/friend system (completed)