Staking Phase 1

Hey KAINET warriors, our staking platform just went live today. You will be able to stake your KAINET tokens and earn up to 60% APR.

  • Go to the website: and connect your wallet to the staking website.
  • Choose your connection, you will have 2 options: Trustwallet and Metamask.
  • Click on ‘Approve’, to approve your tokens to the staking contract. Confirm the Metamask DApp request in your Wallet.
  • Now you can start Staking, click on ‘Create Steake’ to start.
  • Choose the Pool you want to use
  • Enter the number of KAINET you want to stake, if you want stake all your tokens click on ‘MAX’. The estimated rewards for that pool will be calculated and given. Click on ‘Stake!’

Congratulations, you are staking now. You will have all the important informations showing in the ‘My Stakes’ section. You can always repeat the previous steps to stake again by clicking ‘Create Stake’!


Is it possible to withdraw the KAINET tokens within the locked period?

You can withdraw your KAINET tokens you used for staking but you will not be able to withdraw your rewards if you don’t wait the whole period. If you feel like the Staking period is too long, withdraw your tokens and choose the flexible pool. There is no penalty fee for withdrawing tokens earlier.

How do I claim my rewards?

For the flexible pool you can always claim your rewards. Just click on the button ‘Withdraw’. For the locked pool you can claim your rewards after the Pool period ends by clicking the button ‘Withdraw’.

Is it possible to add KAINET tokens to a staking pool I am currently using?

No, if you want stake more KAINET tokens, you will start a new stake and the period will start from the beginning again.

Can I stake a pool twice after a period ends?

The staking of KAINET is ending in April 2022, as long as there are tokens in the Vault people will be able to stake.

Are there enough tokens to claim rewards?

We have reserved 20% of the supply for Staking, there will be enough rewards for everybody.

How do I get the KAINET bronze NFT?

Just stake 200,000 KAINET tokens for 90D and you will get a free Kainet Bronze NFT!